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Add your banners

Add a single 125x125 banner - $1.35 unlimited impressions for 1 year ($1.00 plus processor fee) or add unlimited 125x125 banners for $10.00
Online Money Plan Banner Ads accept banner advertising on the following conditions:
  • Your banner must not lead to a site where a security program gives a warning the site may contain a virus or malware
  • Your banner must be 125x125 otherwise it will not display correctly
  • The programs you are advertising MUST be online
  • The programs you are advertising must be legal
  • The banner must be for an online program
  • You agree not to add banners that are misleading (Including but not limited to 'You have cash waiting' 'Your PayPal account had been limited or closed') - these banners are not tolerated
  • No banner promising to make money when the url leads to an expired domain meant to generate commissions only for the advertiser
  • No banners for vitamins, teeth whitening, muscle builders, miracle cures etc
  • No banners for any physical goods of any kind
  • No adult banners of any kind
  • No banners leading to pages containing prompts to stay on the page or prompts a user to download a files for the purpose of viewing a video or music or misleading the visitor they have a data breach or their computer is infected or drivers are out of date
  • No banners leading to sites with more than 1 pop-up/pop-under
  • Online Money Plan Banners may display a 'Disclaimer' concerning earnings

Admin reserves the right to decline your banners for any other reason - in such cases you will be notified and your payment will be returned which may be subject to PayPal fees.

Online MoneyPlan Banners has an obligation to legitimate advertisers to maintain a standard and anyone intending to mislead visitors into clicking through to a website with the sole intention of generating clicks to gain commissions that have no benefit for the visitor will be deemed in breach of terms and your advertising will be rejected. 

*If you do not agree to ALL the above terms and conditions, you are advised not to proceed.  We only require your name and PayPal/Payza email address, you will not be contacted unless there is a problem. 

 No reminders are sent when your ad expires

You must make your payment to proceed to the order form - there is no free advertising. You can pay via PayPal or Payza. Bitcoins are accepted via Payza only.


1 banner for 365 days $1.35  
Unlimited banners for 365 days $10.00  

After payment click to return to merchant to be redirected to the order form.  DO NOT return to your PayPal account



Log into your Payza account or open one above.  Click send funds and follow the instructions choosing USD or Bitcoins.  If you are sending Bitcoins, check the latest rates and send the equivalent of $1.35 USD which is roughly 25000 satoshi but they have a calculator with the latest rates.  You should then send the payment to @ (Without the spaces) and you must choose to send the full amount.

In the purchase type select 'Service'

In the 'Notes' add the banner url first then the website url.  You will be notified when it has been accepted.